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Programm Course

The duration of undergraduate studies is 8 (eight) semesters, with the eighth semester devoted to Practical Training and the Dissertation. Courses taught during the first seven semesters are based on lectures, lab training and individual or group project elaboration.

The program is structured in four basic course groups:
  1. General Foundation Courses whose purpose is to create the general science background that is required by the rest of the program. Typical courses in this category are Mathematics and Physics courses.

  2. Specialization Courses whose purpose is to provide the student with the special knowledge on the field of Computer Science and Telecommunications that is required in the job market.

  3. Courses on Business Administration, Law and Human Studies whose purpose is to give the student the neccessary knowledge for successful integration in the business, social and legal surrounding of professional activity.
The undergraduate Dissertation aims at providing the student with the opportunity to either conduct guided and specialized research on topics of current interest, or elaborate a medium scale practical project on a kind of problem such as may arise in actual professional practice.

Practical Training, in the last semester of studies, aims at getting the student to familiarize with working in the actual job environment, just before becoming a job-seeker himself/herself. Practical training is conducted at a business in the field of Informatics and Communications, or at any business largely depending on informatics and communications applications.

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