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Welcome to the Computer Science and Engineering website

The department was founded in 1999 with the Presidential Decree 200/1999 and instruction started in the winter semester of the academic year 1999-2000. The human resources of the department comprise seventeen (17) permanent members of Faculty, three (3) administrators at the secretariat and approximately twenty (20) Scientific and Laboratory Associates under contract.

Studies focus on the science and applications of information technology, and organisation and administration of information network and telecommunications.

The department delivers a postgraduate course leading to an M.Sc in Network Computing in collaboration with Staffordshire University, in the United Kingdom.

The graduates of the department have the theoretical and technological knowledge and skills required for a professional career in the competitive field of computing and are qualified to:

  1. pursue postgraduate studies in Greece or abroad,
  2. follow the rapid theoretical and technological advances in their field of study, based on their background education,
  3. to work within their field of study either as freelancers or as employees and executives in public and / or private companies and organisations.
In particular, Computer Science and Engineering graduates work as:
  • Software Engineers in public or private office automation services and / or in companies producing and marketing software applications.
  • Systems Designers, Analysts and Administrators in Network and Telecommunication Services.


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