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General Info
Name Kokkoras Fotis
Category Assistant Professors
Phone +30 2410 684541
e-mail fkokkoras@teilar.gr
Web site https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Fotis_Kokkoras/
Contact hours
Short CV  

:: fuelGR

fuelGR LogofuelGR is a family of applications providing information for prices and fuel stations for the Greek liquid (and gas) fuel market. The applications receive data from the fuelGR API (build by the DEiXTo team) which in turn gets data from the state owned site of Fuel Prices Observatory.

fuelGR is developed by Fotis Kokkoras and Dimitris Demos, Thanos Pigadas (web version) and Tasos Theodosiou (Win8 Phone version).

:: DEiXTo
DEiXTo LogoDEiXTo (or ΔEiXTo) is a powerful web data extraction tool that is based on the W3C Document Object Model (DOM). It allows users to create highly accurate “extraction rules” (wrappers) that describe what pieces of data to scrape from a website.

DEiXTo can contend with a wide range of websites with high precision and recall. It provides the user with an arsenal of features aiming at the construction of well-engineered extraction rules. Wrappers built with GUI DEiXTo can be scheduled to run automatically providing automated access to resources of interest and saving users a lot of time, energy and repetitive effort.

DEiXTo is developed by Fotis Kokkoras and Kostas Ntonas.
:: Machine Learning
:: Special Topics on WWW
:: Web Application Programming
:: Artificial Intelligence

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